When will the deck be published?

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your interest in purchasing this deck. It is a project extremely close to my heart that I have put a lot of time, energy, thoughtfulness, creativity and emotion into. I actually submitted my project to a big publisher a few months ago. At the time, I was simply devastated to hear that they wouldn’t be publishing with me because they already had a Cat themed tarot deck coming out in the coming months.


I’ve decided to go with self-publishing with a kick starter campaign. The work that goes into publishing is more than I would have ever guessed. I wont begin to bore you with the details but my goal is to have my campaign up by January 15th. At this point, I have no other details about when the deck would ship or how much it will cost. I am spending every free moment dedicated to preparing for this launch!


Things that are important to me with regards to this deck:

  • Project is primarily printed in Canada. If not, in North America.
  • A portion of the funds will eventually be allocated to local animal rescues.
  • The project maintains transparency and is always honest with our customers.

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  1. Hello, I saw your post on reddit and fell in love with this deck. I’m located in Czechia, Europe, is it possible to send your deck there? I will definitely pay for extra fees that comes with intercontinental shipping. Thank you!

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