Senior Scrappy


I am so honored to have Senior Scrappy to be part of my tarot project. Scrappy and his Cat Dad: David, have a great story.

Senior scrappy was brought home over 20 years ago by David, who adopted Scrappy as a pure black kitten. “I made the decision to take Scrappy as I knew he would be the last one to be taken, if at all.”


11 years in, Scrappy began to slowly turn white. David and his family believe this pattern is due to a rare skin condition called Vitilago. Scrappy was progressively turning white transforming his black fur into a gorgeous marbled pattern.


Scrappy has since passed after living a nearly 20 years. David still keeps Scrappys social media going and raises money for a very important cause in England. York Rescue boat is a volunteer run program that patrols bodies of water during high risk times. David Scrappy has helped raise money for these boats in the past. David is also a key volunteer.


I am very happy to help David raise money for the cause of his choice. 50% of Scrappys Print will go directly to York Rescue!


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