Volunteering, Fostering and Charity Work

Total Money Donated: 2072.72

Part of the main reason I was so inspired to do this deck is because of the work I and so many people were doing at VOKRA. At the time I was doing the cat care shift which involved feeding, cleaning and loving all the many cats that were in care at the operation center. When I started the project I just had to include some of the kitties into the deck. They needed their stories told and this is the perfect outlet for that. That being said, a portion of the money has to go back to the kitties. 5% of every tarot deck will go right back to VOKRA. On top of that, many of the prints will have 100% of the money donated to either VOKRA or an organization associated with the cat on the card. For example, Special Gracie Cat has chosen @happyanimalclub which is an animal rescue in the Philippines. See below the list of prints and associated rescue organization to donate. The list will grow as I add prints.

Emperor Print| BenBen|  100% Donation| New West Animal Shelter

Five of Pentacles| Scrappy|  100% Donation| York Rescue Boats

Justice Print |50% Donation | VOKRA

Four Of Cups| Jiao | 100% Donation | VOKRA

The Chariot| 100% Donation| Happy Animals Club

The World| Lua| 100% Donation| VOKRA

Father of Cups| 100% Donation| Hudson Valley Cat Shelter

Two of Pentacles| 100% Donation| Kitten Lady Rescue

Three of Pentacles| Phaedra and Butters| VOKRA