Shipping Information

Thanks so much for placing an order. Here is some information for you about how I ship packages. Shipping in Canada is VERY expensive compared to the U.S. so I use a service called Chit Chats. Basically I drop my packages off and the company drives them down to the U.S. where they can be shipped. This may seem like it would make things take much longer but it’s much faster, cheaper and reliable than our local post system. See below for your individual locations:

If you are a fellow Canadian like myself, your order is still processed through ChitChats but will go through Canada post. Sometimes it takes a while to get your tracking number to you because they will ship them from the individual provinces. For example, I’m in Vancouver. If you order from Toronto the package will enter the post system in Toronto. They will process it there to cut down on shipping. If you are in Vancouver or somewhere else in B.C., I usually just ship it from Canada post because it’s the same price.

You will be sent a tracking number the moment your order is processed. If you noticed the tracking number taking a while to update, it’s because the package hasn’t entered the post system yet, it’s on it’s way there from Canada. I use either USPS or UPS depending on the size of your package and your location. Most people receive their package in a week.

I use Ascendia  to ship packages internationally. If you are in a remote country or a country that does not have a reliable post system, your package can take up to a month to be received. Ascendia estimates about 5-22 business days but it can take longer. Like the U.S., your tracking number that you are sent will not be updated until the package reaches your country. Then it should be able to be tracked.


FAQ About Shipping

Can I get Free Shipping if I place a large order?

Sure can! Orders over 100 dollars qualify for free shipping. As long as your cart is full you’ll be able to select that option.

Why hasn’t my tracking updated?

You can read above, but basically because I use a mail forwarding service which means the package has been shipped but it hasn’t reached the U.S. postal system yet. Give it a day or two, it should update.

How long will my order be “processing?”

I usually ship out every day! But it will be a max of three days before your order is processed at the post office. I don’t always make it but I try to.

More questions? Email me :