(68)Four of Wands

The four of wands is all about community, friendship and support. You may be attending a marriage soon or find yourself receiving a proposal . If you are in a relationship, it is about to become more committed and meaningful. Lean on your community for support, they will have your back! This was such a[…]

(48) Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is a good sign if you’re waiting to hear about money. Although manage your expectations, the reward will be small but will help some. This card tells the reader to pay attention to the small details in life as well as the big picture, you’ve been missing things right under your[…]

(43) Seven of Pentacles

The seven of pentacles is all about growth, rewards, investments and vision. This is a very positive card if you’re worried about money. Your long term investments and visions may pay off in the near future. The card also tells that you should invest in relationships with people if you expect them to grow. Call[…]

(64)King of Swords

This card warns to consider the feelings of others. The black cat on the card symbolizes a dark haired person in your life for whose feelings you have hurt or will hurt. The card can also symbolize that there is a person in your life who has strong wills and is unlikely to change their[…]

(14) Death

Contrary to popular belief and culture the death card does not signify a physical death. It can but only in the sense that the death card tells that something will soon come to an end. Usually it refers to an end of something in life such as a relationship, job, project or other significant life[…]

(38)The Two of Pentacles

The two of pentacles is all about balance and adjustment. This card is telling you to focus on one of the two tasks at hand in your life that are pulling you in different directions so you can give full attention to each instead of trying to spread out your time. This card also talks[…]

(29)Seven of Cups

The seven of cups featuring tiny Phaedra. The seven of cups warns against false hope and bad decision making. This card can indicate many romantic options you may have, choose wisely!  

(51) Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords tells of a new beginning in many areas of your life, generally a big change like a move for a job or a new relationship that turns your life upside down. This can produce a lot of stress so take care of yourself, ask for help. If you’re in a relationship,[…]

(25)Three of Cups

The three of cups represents friendship, reunions, happiness and love. Good relationships and the meeting of friends should happen soon. The card can also mean the announcement of an engagement. I chose to put Charlie and Daisy on this card because they are the ultimate cat sisters! Representing in many peoples lives happiness, friendship and[…]

(19)The Moon

The Moon indicates a time in your life where you may feel confused about something and you may not even be aware. Something might just feel “off” and you’ll have to figure out what that is. This card indicates that something in your life requires examination. Someone in your life may be untrustworthy or things[…]