Hardcover Tarot Guide

$ 10.00

** Please note, this is for volume 1 which is no longer in print. Much of the artwork has been updated but much is relevant still. This is reflective of the 10 dollar price.



A true companion to the Considerate Cat Tarot, this hardcover readers guide is full of information about tarot, cats and art.

Guide Features

  • An in depth look at every tarot card with accompanied illustration and card reader information.
  • Tarot reading for cats for each card. (Example : beware of the dog that lives across the street.)
  • A variety of spreads and some basic information on how to do a reading.
  • Interviews with the cat families featured on the deck.
  • Much more!

*Please note this is a PRE ORDER to follow my Kickstarter Campaign, cover art may vary slightly. Item is expected to ship late July.