Considerate Cat Tarot Deck + Hardcover Guide

$ 70.00

Considerate Cat Tarot is a a tarot deck inspired by the stories of rescue cats. Recently, my deck was  funded at nearly 300% on Kickstarter by the community. Considerate Cat Tarot is a must have for any cat lover or tarot reader.

Deck Specifications

  • 78 card cat themed tarot deck following traditional tarot imagery.
  • Contains basic readers guide.
  • Contains Major, Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Sword Suit
  • Comes in a two piece rigid box.
  • Features real life rescue cats from all over the world.

Book Specifications

  • Hardcover 70 page book.
  • In depth meaning of each card and it’s history.
  • A story of every cat featured in the deck.
  • Five interviews with the families of the cats featured in the deck.

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