Considerate Cat Pre-Order

Considerate Cat Pre-Order

Hi Everyone!

The time has finally come for me to list the preorder for Considerate Cat Playing Cards and Considerate Cat Volume II.

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that I was going to entirely redesign my deck; due to personal life circumstances I can’t do that now and I really want to get the deck to all those interested. Below you will find the preorders available and the details associated with each item.

I want to thank all of you for your time and support. Whether you’ve been a supporter since day one or you’re finding me for the first time I appreciate you so much and I’m excited to deliver you a new product and and improved one!

Reasons To Pre-Order

All of these products will be available to purchase after the pre-orders are fulfilled. So why pre-order?

When you pre-order…

  • Get Item at a reduced price.
  • Participate in feedback regarding the creation of the deck.
  • Support an artist to have her project independently published.
  • Give future you a gift that will arrive months later!

We will have a private page for those who have purchased a pre-order product. Each week I will be hosting a contest where you’ll be able to win extra goodies to add to your pre-order. I’ll also need lots of help deciding on box design, the back of the cards and lots of other details!