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(68)Four of Wands

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The four of wands is all about community, friendship and support. You may be attending a marriage soon or find yourself receiving a proposal . If you are in a relationship, it is about to become more committed and meaningful. Lean on your community for support, they will have your back!


This was such a fun card to make and I think it might even by my ultimate favorite card. I posted on Instagram for people to send me a message asking for photos of their cats if they wanted them included in the project. I had a lot of people asking before hand and I really wanted to do it but wanted to be fair and fit everyone it. I was surprised I received so many messages but was happy of course that people were so invested. I didn’t think I was going to fit them all inĀ  but managed to make it happen! See below for all the kitty photos featured in the four of wands and a special thanks to all the cat moms and dads for allowing me to use their kitties!


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