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(41)Five of Pentacles


This card is representative of a big change in your life. It’s coming whether you like or not and it will cause some stress and anxiety. You will come out on the side of happiness though, you can survive this difficult time.


The 5 of pentacles is pushing the reader to seek help. You may be feeling lonely, insecure, lost, hopeless, sad, afraid or anxious. Find friends, family, a mentor to talk to. Don’t keep it inside.¬†Work may feel redundant or pointless. Try to focus on the positives of what drew you to this job. Do the pro’s outweigh the cons? Love isn’t so great on this card either. If you have feelings for someone and you think it’s not mutual, move on the person is unlikely to change their feelings.


This card is Scrappy! Senior Scrappy is a cat that experienced Vitilago in later life and slowly started turning white. The reason I picked Scrappy is specifically for “the change”. It was difficult to decide what kind of card I was going to use for cats because I don’t want to associate anything bad with any cat but I think this is a good card for Scrappy in the long run. Read more about Scrappy here.


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