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(74) The Ten of Wands


The Ten of Wands indicates a great burden with little ways to relieve it. It may be emotional or physical, either way it is having a huge impact on you. You may be working too hard and need to make more time for sleep and rest. Ask for help, give up something that you don’t need in life.


The 10 of wands signifies a difficult relationship. Your partner may be distant or not showing love. You may feel like you’re in a place where you aren’t able to show love. Don’t pretend that there isn’t an issue, talk about it and reexamine.


This card is based of the beautiful, large, and misunderstood… Ruther! Ruther was a cat in Cat Care when I was volunteering. He was feral but had a look in his eye that said I want to love you! Ruther is currently doing well with his Foster Family and is no longer feral! He enjoys his days wearing a collar and relaxing in the sun filled apartment.


If you are interested in adopting Ruther click here. He has a lot of love to give! 


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