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(19)The Moon


The Moon indicates a time in your life where you may feel confused about something and you may not even be aware. Something might just feel “off” and you’ll have to figure out what that is. This card indicates that something in your life requires examination. Someone in your life may be untrustworthy or things may be happening behind the scenes that you are unaware of such as someone else receiving a promotion behind your back or a rumor being started.


This card also encourages the reader to seek patience and stay calm in the face of trouble. Don’t let your supervisors, clients or customers upset you. Take a deep breath and see the bigger picture.

In love, things may be rocky. It’s ok to take a break, that doesn’t mean the end. Even if its a weekend away or an afternoon with friends, it’s important to take time for yourself. Fights may arise but it’s best to rise above and walk away, temporarily or permanent.


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