Backers Only Section

Hi Everyone!

Thank-mew so much for your support. I wish I could express to you the gratitude I have for every single customer and supporter. Its a dream to be an independently published artist and a great joy to be able to make the art I love and share it with people who love it in return.

This page is for people who have purchased a pre-order product in April of 2022. Here you will find all the information about the deck. Updates on artwork and special contests exclusively for pre-order backers.

I’ll be posting updates every friday with a giveaway every week! So you’re in the right place to get all the goodies. Should you need to get in touch about anything you can email me here:

Manufacturing Information

Since day one of self publishing one of my original goals was to have Considerate Cat manufactured in the most ethically sound way. After months of searching I had to turn to international manufacturing. Printing locally would not have been possible with the options available at the time.

At this moment, I have two international printers on hand- ready to go when the deck is with an estimated shipping date of September 2022. I’m not getting too excited, however I may have found a local company to work with. Here I will post updates regarding this process.

Weekly Contest

As a thank you for your participation I’m going to be hosting weekly contests just for you, the backers and supporters of Considerate cat. The goods will be added to your order and shipped with your pre-order. If you have purchased a pre-order your name will be automatically entered into the weekly draw and I will announce by first name on the following friday!

Weekly Contest Week 4

Set of 5 pins- A spot for your cat on the deck! (joker)

Don’t forget to come back for weekly updates!