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The Emperor: Featuring BenBen!

Introducing an extra special tarot card in the  #78daysofcattarot...Featuring local celebrity @benbencatcat. Benbens family has generously agreed to be part of my project and Norman too!. BenBen has an amazing story go to his page and read all about it. His family is even more noteable with all their charity work they do in their spare time to help raise money for animals in Vancouver. . . The emperor is a very masculine card that represents father figures and strong family lines. If this card is pulled you may be longing for more structure and guidance in your life. You may also find yourself in the spotlight in the coming months as the emperor card represents leadership status and the need to be noticed.

Benben cat is one of Vancouvers greatest treasures. A cat, scheduled to be put down due to lifelong medical needs, was rescued by a couple with a heart of gold. They took Benben in and since then have spent a large portion of their free time raising money for other kitties in need.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting the whole family a few times. Benben paid a visit to VOKRA one unsuspecting day. My girlfriends and I who were doing our “Cat Care” shifts started freaking out. (Celebrity siting for cat people!)

I met some new friends today!!! Thank you everyone at VOKRA for letting me come visit!! My hoomans will be putting together a gift basket and donation to give allllll the homeless kitties you rescue a Merry Christmas!! #benbencatcat #gingercat #catsofinstagram #cats #catlovers #vokra #rescuecats #meetingnewpeople #merrychristmas

I was so pleased when BenBens family agreed to be part of my project. I originally did the card with no Norman (Benbens adopted brother) in it. But it was too sad so I added him in in the background, about to pounce on Benben. I also did a PNW inspired background, maybe Benben spent the weekend up in a North West Cabin.

Hello All my new and old IG friends❤️ its #whiskerwednesday with a Smile!! Spreading the love! Thanks for following all my adventures! #rescuecat #benben #benbencatcat #cats #catstagram #catsofinstagram #catlife #catlove #cats_of_instagram #gingercat #smile #happylife #instagramcats #spoiledlife




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